EthIque Plant-Based

About Ethique

After more than 3 and a half years of research and work, we established Ethique Plant-Based by combining our vision of French pastry with our respect for the planet and the creatures living on it. We aim to create a more sustainable food system using purely plant-based ingredients and help reduce the harmful impact on our planet. Instead of using
traditional pastry and bakery ingredients such as eggs, milk, butter, gelatin we prepare our products completely with plant based ingredients.

Ethique Plant-Based embraces everyone, not just those who consume plant-based products for ethical or health reasons. We invite everyone to try Ethique flavors, which we prepare without sacrificing taste, which are better for our environment, our planet and all living things.

Ethique Plant-Based

We prepare flavors that make us happy by using of the healing power of plants, and we embrace an approach in order to protect our nature, our planet and all creatures living on it, which forms our future. On every detail of Ethique we adopt the philosophy of nonviolence, our goal with this philosophy is to create an environment in which we will live a more sensitive life for nature and also to create awareness that all living beings have the right to live in proper environments.

Are you ready to meet with a brand new taste experience that will feed your soul in every sense?

Our Ethique Philosophy

The values motivate us and form the Ethique culture and spirit while walking on this path are;
1.Respecting the right to live of all living beings
2.Making a positive impact for our planet
3.To carry sustainability to all areas of life
4.To offer flavors that do not compromise on taste while creating awareness about the healing power of plant-based diet

It is very exciting to be part of a movement that will change the way we eat for the good of the planet and all living things.


Sustainability means harmonizing the relationship between human and nature in order to protect today and tomorrow and to be able to maintain this harmony decisively. In every
detail of Ethique Plant-Based, we prefer to use sustainable and natural materials that respect nature and the planet as much as the system allows. We work hard to minimize waste in cooking, daily operations and packaging. Our work alone is not enough, each individual decision and the small steps that will be taken later play an important role for a better planet.
Protecting our nature, our future, our planet and the creatures living on it is actually simple. We are here to create a collective spirit, would you like to join us on this journey?

It is actually simple to protect our nature, our planet, the creatures that live on it and our future. We are here to build a collective spirit, would you like to join us on this journey?