Refund policy


For the order you place on our electronic commerce site, you have to make a Distance Sales Agreement ("Contract). is a business owned by Aslı SANCAKTAROĞLU. Our contact information is Fikirtepe Mah. Volkan Sok B Blok No:1/1F Kadıköy/Istanbul Tel: + 90 535 445 95 66, E-mail: Tax No: 20918581026.

With the purchase of the goods/services ("Products/Products") ordered from our Site, which we will refer to as the "Website" from now on, by our esteemed Consumer (including those made through the application on any of your mobile devices) and thus making the order-Contract The relevant technical stages-steps, as well as the technical tools for identifying and correcting errors during your information entry, are indicated on the relevant pages (by giving you the opportunity to take action in line with the warning messages that appear) during your transactions so far. If there is an error in entering information (data) about your order on the "Website", the transaction can be continued by correcting the relevant warning message, and it is possible to correct the errors that may occur while entering your payment information in the same way. You can contact us at the above number of our company for any information entry errors that you notice after the completion of the payment process.

We do not sell products outside of Turkey. Product deliveries are made by us.

When the consumer approves the Agreement, the price and costs of the Product(s) ordered on this page are collected by the intermediary institution with which we have a contract with the payment method he/she chooses.

The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the Product, without giving any reason and without paying any penalty.

However, in the contracts regarding the following goods/services, even if they have not been used/used, there is no legal right of withdrawal: (including special products imported/supplied from the country or abroad) b) chocolate, bakery products, etc. perishable goods, such as foodstuffs, or which may expire ) food and beverage supply that must be made on a certain date or period, f) services that are started to be performed within the period of the right of withdrawal, and j) other goods and services that are generally considered outside the scope of distance sales in accordance with the relevant legislation, and the BUYER's purchase for commercial/professional purposes. cases of acquisition.

In cases where there is a right of withdrawal by law, the Consumer is responsible for changes and deteriorations that occur because the product is not used in accordance with its operation, technical specifications and instructions for use within the withdrawal period, and for this reason, the Consumer may lose his right of withdrawal regarding the Product, or if we voluntarily accept it, from the price of the Product. We have the right to discount up to change / deterioration.

In case of withdrawal, the relevant Product must be sent to the above address within a maximum of ten (10) days, with all shipping costs borne by the Consumer.

Clear notice of withdrawal can be made to our contact addresses above, by means of letters, e-mail, SMS, telephone. In case this right is exercised, in addition to the aforementioned notification, return of the original invoice or receipt with a sample of the cargo delivery report indicating that the Product was sent to us (in accordance with the tax legislation), issuing a return invoice for Product returns whose invoices are issued on behalf of the institutions, and also the box and packaging of the Products to be returned. It must be sent to us complete and undamaged with its standard accessories, if any.

In cases where the right of withdrawal is not foreseen by law, the right of withdrawal cannot be benefited from, and in cases where this right is not used duly or on time, the consumer loses the right of withdrawal.

Provided that the above-mentioned requirements are fulfilled by the Consumer on time and duly, the Product price and the delivery costs of the Product, if any, are returned to the Consumer in accordance with the payment instrument used when purchasing the Product, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notice to our Company. However, in cases where the right of withdrawal is used for all of the ordered products and for some of them (used by the consumer), our Company's free shipping (delivery) campaign and/or discount campaign (free of charge, in other words, receiving a gift product) is in this sense. In the event that the minimum amount is lowered, the entire amount of uncollected delivery-cargo and discount (as well as the cost of the free product) is deducted from the amount to be returned to the Consumer (in cases where the delivery-cargo fee is collected, this fee is not deducted). returned with a copy); A (virtual/physical) gift voucher, etc., which the consumer has earned as a result of his shopping. If any, all of them are cancelled. If virtual/physical gift certificates have been used by the consumer and the right of withdrawal has been used for all or part of the products subject to the order, the price for the use of the gift certificate is taken back by deducting the product price to be returned.

These provisions apply in all cases where the right of withdrawal is exercised, as well as in all other cases where product returns are in question, excluding defective products. Our company, again in accordance with the law, in cases of withdrawal and other order-contract cancellations, etc., from the Consumer on the Internet Site and / or discount in the payment of the product price. Contractual and legal right-obligations, including the right of collection-deduction for the monetary values of all kinds of prize points etc. used for this purpose, are also available and reserved.

The current rules-conditions applicable to our Company and the Consumer regarding transaction security, information protection, confidentiality, processing-use and commercial electronic communications on the Website are presented below for your information. The consumer can consult our Company at any time by using the communication tools specified on these issues.

Our company is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO).

As we will send all of these to your e-mail address along with your order confirmation after you approve and accept the Agreement on the website with the above-below information, you can always access it by saving and storing it on your device, within the framework of the relevant laws and for a maximum of three years. It is submitted to your information that it will also be kept in the systems of the company.